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Little Warrior Services

The Blooming Lotus Project within The Personal Wellness Center is proud to host our Little Warrior Services. This unique program offers a nurturing space for children affected by cancer, whether they are battling the disease themselves or living with a family member who is. Our approach focuses on therapeutic expressive arts, helping children channel their emotions into creative and empowering outlets.

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About Little Warriors Services

We want little warriors and their caregivers to receive much needed self-care services, a break if you will, from thinking about the everyday fight to Relax, Recharge, and Breathe.

Working with highly trained and licensed clinicians, this creative expression allows children to tap into their imagination and channel their feelings into something tangible, which can be both empowering and healing during their challenging cancer journey. Simply put, encouraging Hope is an act of resistance and all warriors, big or little, need.

The Blooming Lotus Project is the only child and adolescent wellness center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and provides comprehensive services to Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties in
addition to also providing services to the State of Delaware.

Our Approach 

Using a combination of the Montessori method and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, we have tailored a program to meet children and adolescents in the way that they learn best. We believe this approach allows youth to engage with their inner and outer worlds with excitement and security. The overarching expressive art and mindfulness that comes with this program allows youth to build resilience, increase problem solving and coping skills, and express their emotions in healthy ways.

Program Options Available Include

Drama Therapy

Nature-Based Learning

Movement & Dance

Yoga & Mindfulness

Storytelling & Creative Writing

Expressive Play Therapy



Music Therapy

The Personal Wellness Center

Our Little Warrior Services, held at this serene center, integrate mind, body, and spirit care

The Personal Wellness Center, led by Veronica Correa, LCSW-C, is a hub for holistic health, blending traditional and alternative therapies. Focused on counseling, clinical hypnosis, life coaching, and pain management, it aims to empower individuals towards complete wellness. This center is where our Little Warrior Services take place, offering a nurturing environment for comprehensive healing.

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Free Download

Let Your Little Warrior Show Their Creativity

Download our coloring books and our Mindfulness Activities

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