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A family portrait on the beach.


Hi! My name is Tonya Agostino, and I am a triple-negative breast cancer survivor!


My journey, like many others, came as a shock, with no history, good health, etc., and the unthinkable happened. I was instantly put on the whirlwind of doctor appointments, treatment, and having to make many decisions I knew nothing about.


My whole life had changed with these three words – YOU HAVE CANCER!


In the midst of my journey, I started researching as I felt there had to be a better way to heal or at least help heal yourself. I am a big believer that the body if given the right path, can heal itself. I am not saying that western medicine is not the way; I feel you need both.


I have chemo, as bad as it was, to thank for killing my cancer. However, I also have my faith in God and my belief to help myself heal. This is why I started Unstoppable Joy Co., to hopefully help others as they start their journey and let them know they are not alone.

Our Story

My Uncle Bobby was diagnosed with stage 3 hormone-positive breast cancer in 2018. He underwent chemo, radiation and a mastectomy.  He is now 4 years cancer-free.  
When I was first diagnosed, Uncle Bobby called me every day. He wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for every step of my treatment journey. And he did not sugar coat anything. I am beyond grateful for Uncle Bobby’s continuous support.


We realized that many people going through cancer are not blessed with this kind of support. That is why we share our story  with you. You are not alone.

This video was taken during a family reunion we had Memorial Weekend 2021 in Springfield, Missouri.   

Tonya and her Uncle Bobby standing together along a creek.

Hope is Stronger than Fear.

Believe in yourself and you will be Unstoppable.

Our Mission

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote awareness of a positive mind, body and spirit by providing free self care services to adult and pediatric cancer warriors diagnosed with any type of cancer and their dedicated caregivers.

A group of people doing yoga
A young girl, cancer survivor, with pink headband and winter jacket.

Our Vision


 Our vision is to bring joy and healing to those affected by cancer by providing them with the support and resources they need to thrive during their journey. . Unstoppable Joy is more than an organization; it is a movement that aims to inspire and uplift, reminding all that they are never alone in their battle.


Why the Peacock


The Peacock stands as the symbol of beauty, grace, wisdom and healing.  The Peacock is a mystical animal and was considered sacred in ancient times. Peacocks are actually the Phoenix bird which stands for rebirth, healing and new beginnings. Seeing or having a Peacock symbol with you is considered good luck and that is why we choose the Peacock for our logo –  in hopes to bring Good Luck to whoever sees it.  


Meet The Board Members


Tonya Agostino

Founder, President


Secretary / VP of Fundraising

Corey headshot outdoor_edited.jpg

Treasurer/ Finances


Tyler Loh

Director of Marketing

Christy Hoffa

Board Member


Ron Hall

Board Member


Christina Lawson

Board Member

IMG_2230 (1).jpg

Don Thompson

Men's Support Group Facilitator 


We Need Your Support Today!

Veronica Townsend Esq.

Legal Counsel

J. Kucinski.jpg

Dr. Justin Kucinski

Board Member


Jane Vickers LCSW-C, ACM-SW

Private/Group Therapy

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