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Cancer survivor helping uplift current cancer patients with ‘Unstoppable Joy’

Updated: Jan 22

WORCESTER CO., Md. – A local cancer survivor kick started her own company called ‘Unstoppable Joy Co.’, dedicated to uplifting cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and other treatments.

Tonya Agostino tells us, she provides healing bags full of feel-good products such as healthy snacks, books, and health products. The company is also partnering with other organizations to provide services such as meditation, florist services, nail care, hair and wig services, get-a-ways, and much more. Unstoppable Joy Co. is a donation-based company and even if there are services provided that come with a discounted cost, the company will pay for patients.

Agostino says, when she was undergoing treatment she didn’t have the same kind of resources, she says they could have helped deal with the mental, emotional, and physical pain. However, now she wants to give back and provide that support for others going through everything that she endured.

“Just to give you that deep breath you know, just to give you that little bit of normalcy and then ready to go back and kick cancer’s butt,” says Agostino. She adds, “You are not alone, there are many services out there that you can do to heal your mind body and spirit because that’s a very important thing while the doctors are healing your body.”

Agostino also tells 47 ABC, she delivers her healing bags to cancer centers and patients across Delaware and Maryland.

If you are someone battling cancer or know someone who is, you can visit the Unstoppable Joy Co website. You can also send a text to donate; text ‘GIVE’ to 443-727-1422.

Published on October 18, 2021 by WMDT. View full article and watch video.

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