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Unstoppable Joy

The Jenna Drewer-Noll
Healing Harbor



The Jenna Drewer-Noll Healing Habor

We're thrilled to announce our vision for a new sanctuary dedicated to serving cancer warriors and their caregivers: The Jenna Drewer-Noll Healing Harbor. This haven will be more than just a building; it will be a beacon of community, love, hope, and unwavering support.

In honor of Jenna's inspiring spirit, the Healing Harbor will embody her legacy of resilience and compassion. Jenna's bright light will continue to shine on, guiding us as we create a space where individuals facing cancer challenges can find solace, strength, and light.

Together, let's build a sanctuary where healing happens, where hearts are lifted, and where the power of community prevails. Join us on this journey of hope and transformation as we embark on creating the Jenna Drewer-Noll Healing Harbor.


Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

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The Jenna Drewer-Noll Healing Harbor will be a sanctuary of hope and compassion, providing essential services and support to individuals facing the challenges of cancer. Named in honor of Jenna Drewer-Noll, whose bright light continues to inspire us, this building will be a beacon of love and resilience.


How You Can Help

We invite you to join us in bringing this vision to life. Your donation will make a tangible difference in funding the construction of the Healing Harbor, ensuring that it becomes a place of solace, strength, and renewal for all who seek its embrace.


Donate Today

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to our goal. Together, we can create a space where individuals facing cancer challenges can find comfort, community, and the support they need to navigate their journey with dignity and grace.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we are Unstoppable Joy.

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